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Some people may find it difficult to draw up space on the small farm he owns. For that we present some drawings of small house design that can be used as inspiration to help find the right composition of space for your home. Also comes with home viewing images that may be suitable for you. Hopefully the drawings of this house design can be useful for you.
💗 House on a land of 8 meters x 16 meters. Three bedrooms, living room and dining room so one. Minimalist look with a fairly wide shade, so that the house feels shady. Combination of orange and purple, and the use of natural stone makes the house look charming.

💗 House on a land 9 meters x 12 meters, consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room so one looks spacious. The arrangement of space looks simple, achievement from space to space is so easy.
The shape of a simple house, a combination of boxes and triangles, with shade wide enough to protect the space from the sun and rain. Views like this are c…