Some people may find it difficult to draw up space on the small farm he owns. For that we present some drawings of small house design that can be used as inspiration to help find the right composition of space for your home. Also comes with home viewing images that may be suitable for you. Hopefully the drawings of this house design can be useful for you.

💗 House on a land of 8 meters x 16 meters. Three bedrooms, living room and dining room so one. Minimalist look with a fairly wide shade, so that the house feels shady. Combination of orange and purple, and the use of natural stone makes the house look charming.
view of home desing 01

layout of home design 01b

💗 House on a land 9 meters x 12 meters, consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room so one looks spacious. The arrangement of space looks simple, achievement from space to space is so easy.

The shape of a simple house, a combination of boxes and triangles, with shade wide enough to protect the space from the sun and rain. Views like this are common in humid tropics.

view of home design 02

layout of home design 02b

💗 The house is on a street corner. Two bedrooms, dining room and living room so one to be spacious. Large open space makes the house feel comfortable, because the air circulation and natural light can be optimal.

The beauty of the house can be enjoyed from two sides. The appearance follows a tropical minimalist style with a 35 degree roof slope. Every window and exterior door is shaded to protect the room from the heat of the sun and rain.

view of home design 03
layout of home design 03b

💗 House on 7 meters x 14 meters, two bedrooms in front and back. The terrace is also used for the reception room. Walls with 2 meters of separation wall, to make room feel more spacious and air circulation can be more smoothly.

It looks like a box arrangement wrapped with natural stone so that the house looks beautiful and sturdy.

view of home design 04

layout of home design 04b

💗 House area of approximately 85 square meters, land area of 8 meters x 15 meters. Two bedrooms are placed in the back with an open dining room to get fresh air coming from the garden. The kitchen is made somewhat open so the room feels spacious.

The view is dynamic, a combination of box shape and triangle. The combination of natural stone and soft natural colors, the appropriate weight-light combination, make the house look beautiful.

view of home design 05

layout of home design 05b

💗 Simple house, one bedroom and a rather spacious living room. The kitchen and bathroom are located at the back. Open space is on the front and rear, making it easier for air circulation. Soft colors and simple shapes make this house look beautiful.

view of home design 06

layout of home design 06b

💗 Small house on small grounds too. One bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Because of narrow, air circulation is expected to be optimal from the front.

Although the house is small, it looks beautiful. Minimalist style house with natural colors combined natural stone to make the house look natural though small

view of home design 07

layout of home design 07b

💗 House one floor in the land 6 meters x 12 meters. For privacy and quiet, two bedrooms are placed at the back complete with bathroom. In front of the bedroom there is open space for air circulation and natural light.

Views minimalist house with beautiful soft colors. Doors and windows wide enough to make the atmosphere more bright and comfortable. To add to the beauty and freshness of the house, on the front is given a beautiful little garden.

view of home design 08

layout of home design 08b

💗 One floor house, two bedrooms, one in front and one behind each bedroom get enough air circulation, because the window faces the open space. The arrangement of space is like flowing, the achievement from space to space looks easy.

The appearance adopted tropical minimalist style, by relying on the combination of horizontal and vertical lines and sharpness of the line on the finishing.

view of home design 09

layout of home design 09b

💗 House plan symmetrical, three bedrooms of the same size. There is open space in front and back so that air circulation can be optimal. The terrace is spacious enough to be also for the lounging room.

Views impressed dynamic home, back and forth in the field make the house look beautiful. The use of soft and natural colors reduce the rigid impression caused by the shape of the box.

view of home design 10

layout of home design 10b

💗 House with kitchen and bathroom is placed on the front. Two bedrooms with one bathroom are placed on the back, windows facing open space, so air circulation and natural light can enter the room. Dining room and family room so one, to reduce the impression narrow.

Simple home look, with box shape plus vertical and horizontal line combinations. The colors used are soft natural colors plus natural stone, making the house look sturdy, calm and natural.

view of home design 11

layout of home design 11b

💗 Simple house on 10 meters x 15 meters. Two bedrooms measuring 3 meters x 4 meters. Large open space allows air circulation and natural light to be optimal. The house is surrounded by gardens and trees will give a feel of natural and cool. Large enough terraces can be used for casual or for fresh air.

The look is simple but beautiful, with soft natural colors, the use of natural stone will also add to the beauty of the house.
view of home design 12

layout of home design 12b

💗 A two-bedroom house in the back for a quieter atmosphere, between the sleeping room and the living room there is open space for air circulation and natural light. Simple room arrangement.

Views of the house in the dominance of natural stone black color combined with natural colors, so the house looks beautiful, strong and natural.

view of home design 13

layout of home design 13b

💗 Small and simple house, land area 4 meters x 7 meters. One bedroom includes a kitchen and a bathroom. There is a terrace as a transitional space and an air circulation intermediary into the room.

The appearance is simple, with the arrangement back and forth and up and down the fields, so it looks beautiful and not monotonous.

view of home design 14

view of home design 14a

layout of home design 14b

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